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We are the partner who does things just a little differently. Personally. You are not a number, not even when you submit a support ticket. We know you and think along with you. In fact, we are your internal IT department, but outside the door. And the door is always open.

So let’s talk to each other. Yes, RealConnections.

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Our approach

Every organization is different, which means we like to get to know you. Who is the team and how do you work? That way we know exactly what your needs are and what solution suits you. We are your internal IT department, but outside the door. You can trust us: we take care of your organization.
Sincere and clear advice. We got you

Our approach

Every organisation is different, which means we like to get to know you. Who is the team and how do you work? That way, we know exactly what your desire is and which solution suits you. We are your internal IT department, but outside the door. You can trust us: we take care of your organisation.

Sincere and clear advice. We got you

Meet the team

We are RealConnections


Microsoft 365 Specialist
Social “animal” at heart. With his passion and knowledge, he helps our customers in the field of Microsoft 365. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and cooking. His steel steed and himself successfully completed the trip to Berlin!


Finance and Administration
Figures and numbers, structure and overview. Mandy monitors this in administration and finance. She loves nature. Besides that, hiking and climbing are her passion.


Zendesk Specialist
Annemieke has joined the team since August 2019. As a first lady, she stands her ground and keeps everyone in line…. With her critical eye and fresh perspective, she knows how to not only solve all issues, but also prevent them. The CX world, is hers. You can make her happy with a baguette fromage and has a house full of gadgets.

Mari Carmen

Okta Specialist
Already kickboxing, traveling, gaming, reading working at RealConnections. Collaboration is paramount our newest team member!


Zendesk Specialist
Besides being able to deadlift 130 pounds at 1.57 m, this powerhouse is also extroverted and helpful. She has a background in tourism, but soon discovered that the IT world suited her better. In her free time, she likes to go horseback riding and can’t be found away from the gym.


Microsoft 365 Specialist
At the end of 2017, it was already time for number 6. Eelco starts and ends the day with a smile. Without fear, he steps into all the portals he is presented with. Despite his love for Android, we allowed him on our team ;-). Eelco is a true all-rounder and knows his way around Microsoft 365, Okta and Zendesk.


Zendesk Specialist
The South is well represented. Besides Ivo, Corné also comes from the sunny south. He has joined team Zendesk. With his field experience, no Trigger is too tricky for him, no Reporting too difficult. Everything gets easier, with a soft “g. In his spare time, this bbq master is all about coal, fire and meat.


Zendesk Specialist
The boxing legend from Amersfoort and surroundings. With a mountain of customer service experience, he has picked up Zendesk as an appropriate Expertise. Like Corné bbq’t, Frank also cooks, bakes and roasts. Besides his cooking passion, he is in the gym every week working on his boxing skills.


Zendesk Specialist
Early 2022 coming to provide support to our team to start working as a Zendesk Expert. With passion and interest he is happy to help! Volleyball is his (top) sport. He also enjoys festivals and music.


Sales Specialist
Our 3rd Zwolle resident is our Sales tiger. He will gladly come by to tell you which product or subscription suits your needs. Playing soccer, golf, paddling, nothing is too crazy. Well, he does get injured now and then.


Zendesk Specialist
The sunny south could be even sunnier. With roots in Portugal and years of experience in the customer service world, Ivo is the newest team member. His expertise fits like a glove with the Zendesk product.


Zendesk Specialist
Passionate about the CX world, with Spanish influences. Christian is happy to help you further, towards the ideal Zendesk setup.


CEO with a passion for the world of CX. In his spare time he likes to play volleyball. Keeping moving in work and private life,” keeps him going.


The day-to-day running of the organization. Between man and technology like a fish in the water.


Cloud Specialist (Okta, Microsoft 365 of Zendesk)

RealConnections is growing! That is why we are looking for you to expand our team of specialists. Indeed, to provide our customers with the best and nicest service, we are looking for a Cloud Specialist.

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