Lifecycle Management

What does your digital life look like within the organisation? A lot happens from start to finish, just like in real life. You start as an employee for one department and in the meantime, you get promoted or hold another position. With that, you may start using different applications or basic information may change. In short, your career can also undergo several changes digitally.

With Okta, you can easily manage this digital career. Create, delete users and give users access to the right applications to get started. Okta is thus part of the IT strategy and makes managing your identity a piece of cake. This is because you create one central point with all users, groups and applications. Here Okta feels like a fish out of water, digitally directing people to the right place with the right access.

Okta Life Cycle Management

Manage users’ digital existence based on profiles from Okta to other applications

Provision users

Put HR in control by automatically creating users and giving them access to the right applications. Thanks to the link with the HR system, Okta distributes the appropriate permissions within the organisation.

One master profile

Each user has their own profile, which you can view as an administrator. Based on the HR system, Okta provides access to the appropriate applications and synchronises the profile across all apps. Thus, with Okta, the profile management of all applications is in one place.


See when, which users had access to which app so that, as an administrator, you can manage and monitor the overview.


Synchronise different types of profile fields to and from Okta so that employees do not have to process the same actions and information in different places.

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Proud of our customers

“We have been working with RealConnections for close to two years now. Since day one it has been such an amazing journey. The professionalism and kindness of the employees there is of a very high standard. They are always hands on with their customer service and their level of a step by step walk through in all questions or problems, is out of this world..”

Customer Experience Manager, Giftcards Group

RealConnections helped us implement the full Zendesk suite and showed us things we did not know were possible with this product. In terms of the support they offer there is always someone willing and able to help with all of our questions and they are prepared to go the extra mile in order to help us achieve our wishes.
Marcus Andrew

Continuous Improvement Analyst, Mollie

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