Multi factor Authentication

We are all familiar with the password, but these days the password is not as secure as we all think. It is easy to crack and difficult to remember by an employee. They are written down or kept online in a document. In short, everyone can join. Therefore, additional measures have been developed today to counter hackers and unwanted visitors. Think SMS, push message or a hard token. Even face ID is possible these days.

Okta MFA

Secure policy-based access for users and devices.

Management access

Allow login from a specific IP or region. Do many hacking attempts occur from a certain region? Block them to exclude these areas and thus secure your environment.

Multiple methods

Security questions, passwords, SMS, One Time Password (OTP), Verify Push and hard tokens. There are several methods for secondary verification. Whatever situation you are in, there is always a solution for you.

Protect yourself

Against brute-force attacks. Automatic blocking and logging of attacks protect your environment. Okta makes sure that only you get into your area.

Each app a own security

Prefer a different security method per application? You can. Require additional authentication in applications where sensitive items are stored. Safety first!

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Proud of our customers

”We have been working with RealConnections for close to two years now. Since day one it has been such an amazing journey. The professionalism and kindness of the employees there is of a very high standard. They are always hands on with their customer service and their level of a step by step walk through in all questions or problems, is out of this world..”



Customer Experience Manager, Giftcards Group

RealConnections helped us implement the full Zendesk suite and showed us things we didn’t know were possible with this product. In terms of the support they offer there is always someone willing and able to help with all of our questions and they are prepared to go the extra mile in order to help us achieve our wishes.


Marcus Andrew

Continuous Improvement Analyst, Mollie

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