How RealConnections enhanced Levi's Zendesk environment maximised

Not all our new customers are completely unfamiliar with Zendesk. A good example of this is Levi’s. The clothing brand known and loved worldwide for its quality jeans had been using Zendesk for some time to streamline their customer service. And not without reason; for such a large company, streamlined customer service is obviously a key pillar. The problem: the current Zendesk environment was not working optimally. Wondering how RealConnections solved that? Read on quickly!

After a quick scan, it quickly became clear that the Zendesk environment could be greatly optimised. The current set-up was so complex that it was not scalable and was difficult for employees to use. This led to a lack of overview, unclear processes and poor understanding of the backlog. And of course, this also affected the customer, as there were longer waiting times for open tickets.

Optimise Zendesk: how does RealConnections tackle this efficiently?

We always start a customer project with a comprehensive action plan, including clear milestones. In between, we communicate frequently with the customer and show what has been delivered. We check if it is satisfactory, change what is needed and then move on to the next milestone. This is how we make the software work for you. We got you! This approach also worked well for Levi’s. They were aware of every step, which allowed us to work through and optimise the Zendesk environment quickly and efficiently.

Time for a Zendesk 2.0 furnishing!

The first step for Levi’s was to simplify the layout. For instance, multiple customer service sites were working within a single environment, creating unnecessary noise. By removing such unnecessary complexity, we created an uncluttered Zendesk environment in which collaboration between teams was also simplified. Then existing integrations and processes were improved. Thus, we made room for the further development of the Support Department, both within and outside the customer communication process. We also set up the Zendesk environment so that customer service teams had room to work not only on Support, but also get to work on an FAQ and (correctly) train new agents.

The result? Levi’s Zendesk environment stands like a house! The new environment is user-friendly and clear, which has greatly reduced the waiting time for open tickets. In addition, processes and integrations have been made more intuitive, which helps employees work efficiently and speeds up the onboarding of new employees. This is how Levi’s makes the most of Zendesk!

And now: developing further under Remote Expertise

At RealConnections, you are not a number. We know you and your issue and continue to build together on continuous optimisation. For Levi’s, quick ticket processing is important. Therefore, we continue to optimise the available data flow for customer service agents. With external tools, we can make all order information available to the support department so that it can be analysed. Think of customer satisfaction scores that can be reported and managed in Zendesk. Thus, we constantly help find new solutions, which are prioritised according to investment and expected results. This way, we stay involved with Levi’s and help them further develop their Zendesk environment. That’s our promise: we got you!

RealConnections is the partner that does things a little differently. We like a personal approach and think with you, now and in the future. This is how we build a rock-solid customer service for you. Want to know more? Contact us at support@realconnections.nlor call us 085 – 065 3400. We got you!

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Proud of our customers

”We have been working with RealConnections for close to two years now. Since day one it has been such an amazing journey. The professionalism and kindness of the employees there is of a very high standard. They are always hands on with their customer service and their level of a step by step walk through in all questions or problems, is out of this world..”



Customer Experience Manager, Giftcards Group

RealConnections helped us implement the full Zendesk suite and showed us things we didn’t know were possible with this product. In terms of the support they offer there is always someone willing and able to help with all of our questions and they are prepared to go the extra mile in order to help us achieve our wishes.


Marcus Andrew

Continuous Improvement Analyst, Mollie

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