Why you should use the Zendesk chat on the website of your company

Zendesk chat is a powerful solution for companies looking to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. It is a software tool that helps provide live chat support for your business. This tool allows you to help your customers quickly, at any time. It brings with it features that are indispensable for your business. Thus, chat is service-providing and revenue-increasing! And the chat is easily installed and integrated by RealConnections. Curious about all the benefits? Then read on quickly.

Zendesk chat from RealConnections

Through our Zendesk chat support, your customers get real-time answers to their questions. For standard questions, this can be done using a chatbot with search function, or based on a knowledge base where we store the answers to frequently asked questions for you. We offer these answers in multiple languages, so that your customers are helped in their own language. More complex questions are still answered by customer service agents. Chat runs on every page. That way, your customer will not be distracted with what they were doing. Do you also want to deliver fast service and satisfied customers? Get advice from RealConnections.

Clear insight into customer interactions with the Zendesk chat

In addition, Zendesk chat provides tools to gain insight into customer interactions. Thus, the Zendesk chat the history of all calls. This data is in a secure environment. Studying your conversations improves future customer contact. How long will these conversations be kept? You set this up yourself as an organisation. You can choose unlimited storage as well as limited storage of, say, 90 days or six months. You can also choose to delete old conversations manually. So choose the option that best suits your organisation.

Easy automation of messages

Zendesk chat comes with even more benefits and advanced features. For example, the chat can also send automatic messages, a nice extra for the customer experience. When is such an automatic response useful?

  • If no employees are available for chat. To still help customers, the message can direct them to the FAQ page or provide contact details for e-mail or phone.
  • Sending messages to website visitors at specific times. Think of welcoming visitors to your website or asking if you can help the visitor.
  • Has your customer been on the checkout page longer than average? If so, the automatic rise of the chat is a must. With this, you encourage a smooth process by solving any problems live and on the spot. This can also be set to other situations. With this, you take a proactive stance on

RealConnections helps with growth of your company

So using Zendesk chat provides you with comprehensive reports and analytics. We use this information to help you improve customer service performance. This information can show, for example, how long customers have to wait to be helped, the number of calls made or the performance of individual agents. At the end of the chat conversation, we can also send an automated satisfaction survey. This survey allows your company to take action if something was not to your liking. RealConnections helps you integrate Zendesk chat smoothly into your organisation.

Zendesk chat in your organisation

So Zendesk chat is a tool that can add a lot to your company’s customer service. It ensures faster responses, higher customer satisfaction and insight into your customer service performance.
We got you! RealConnections integrates Zendesk into your business. Get unburdened for now and the future. We always think with you. Contact us via our website or call us at: 085 – 065 3400.

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Proud of our customers

“We have been working with RealConnections for close to two years now. Since day one it has been such an amazing journey. The professionalism and kindness of the employees there is of a very high standard. They are always hands on with their customer service and their level of a step by step walk through in all questions or problems, is out of this world..”

Customer Experience Manager, Giftcards Group

RealConnections helped us implement the full Zendesk suite and showed us things we did not know were possible with this product. In terms of the support they offer there is always someone willing and able to help with all of our questions and they are prepared to go the extra mile in order to help us achieve our wishes.
Marcus Andrew

Continuous Improvement Analyst, Mollie

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